petals on paper

ive been drawing art i promise!!!!!!!

chief is my favorite villager hes my husband qvq

ruby is our towns newest resident! thank you so much kayla sweetheart  for givin her to me ;v;

heres mituna in a kigu

like it hasnt been done 1345859 times before

i usually give up on ponies half way

fantroll busts like damn

these are oldish

i realize that i draw a lot of monster dudes when im sad

its very cloudy today

jazzydynamite asked: I'm so sorry, but if you wouldn't mind me asking friend.. A-are your requests only for home stuck? Sorry if I'm a bother friend!(>.<;)

not at all! i’ve just been getting a lot of homestuck requests because most of the people requesting are coming from my karkat blog.

if you check my about, there’s just a couple of fandoms i’m in and would be happy to draw!

you can request anything you want dear, as long as it’s reasonable!

i hope this is alright! (*´▽`*)