petals on paper

s o i sketched this out because i m going to cosplay this later in the year with a huge babe and im really excited ;v;


do you have questions for your future fire king?

(( Better late than never! Finally joining up with Fiona/Karkit, Cake/Gamzee, Prince Crocker/Joel, and Marshal Lee/Kanaya as Flame Prince Aradia in a month-long Adventure Time AU. Please make sure to send Aradia questions starting with “Dear Flame Prince,” so I know it’s for the event. Be sure to check out all the other blogs participating in this! ))

short haired kanaya and i gave up midway

i failed you all

are there any ships you guys want me to draw or somethin


((An Apocalypse!Karkat I drew for a really great rp group ))

chief is my favorite villager hes my husband qvq

ruby is our towns newest resident! thank you so much kayla sweetheart  for givin her to me ;v;